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Solar Power

Use Your Rooftop Real Estate- Our Solar Power Solutions Are For Everyone

Solar power in Melbourne can be one of the best investments. Whether you are a home or a business- if you live in Melbourne, we have a solar power solution for you.

Residential Solar Solutions For Melbourne Home

Curb your energy costs with our residential solar solutions. Protect yourself from rising electricity bills by making use of solar power. Once you have solar panels on your house’s roof, you have a cleaner and much cheaper electricity source that you can use. Installing green solar energy systems in your home means you can save on bills, save yourself from the rising electricity costs and can contribute to a better environment.

Commercial Solar Solutions For Melbourne Offices

If you are a business in Melbourne, our solar power solutions can contribute to cutting your operating costs and helping you take control of your energy usage. Installing a solar panel on your commercial property can save your business a good amount of money. So, switch to this profitable investment today.

Trust Us to Make Solar Energy Affordable And Easy For You

The rising energy costs have made solar power a popular investment in Melbourne. Energy Saving Shop in Melbourne is one of the leading installers and providers of solar power in Melbourne. Our highly experienced team ensures that you select the power system for your home that maximises the potential energy generation and in turn, helps you save money. We have the perfect solar solution for every homes and business in Melbourne.
We have a solution for all your solar power needs that are designed to last and backed by our great customersupport services.

Why Should You Switch To Solar Power?

The two main reasons to switch to solar power are:

  • To bring down energy costs
  • And to benefit the environment

Our solar panels and inverters generate electricity during the day, which can be used as an alternative to electrical grid energy consumption and thus, save you from high costs. Below are a few advantages of using solar power in Melbourne:

  • The most efficient and cost-effective way to meet your energy demands
  • A free and unlimited source of energy which works as a long-term energy solution for residential and commercial purposes.
  • A clean source of energy that minimises greenhouse gas emissions and environmental hazards.

Why Choose Energy Saving Shop For Your Solar Needs in Melbourne?

  • 100% Australian – Energy Saving Shop is proud to be Australian owned and operated. We have been in business since 2012.
  • Solar Experts – With more than 5 years of experience, we have solar specialists in our team. We know about solar power process in Melbourne, start to end.
  • Specific Solutions For Everyone – We will first find out how much energy you use, when do you use it and what do you pay. After finding out the specific answers we will get to design a solar system solution that suits your requirements.
  • We Don’t Lock You in – When you install a solar power system in Melbourne with us, we don’t make you liable to sign any specific terms or contracts unlike a few other companies in this region.
  • Technology Partners – With our rich experience and client base, we encourage only the best companies to partner with us.

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