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Solar Systems

Melbourne’s Leading Provider of Solar Systems

When you want to reduce your energy costs and increase sustainability, choosing the right solar power systems for your residential or commercial property is one of the most essential decision. If you are searching for the best provider of solar systems in Melbourne, then Energy Saving Shop is your definite choice.

Being an Australian owned company, we aim to help several households and businesses reduce their energy bills by providing reliable solar solutions. We totally understand that every customer’s energy usage is different, that is why we always help our customers determine the best solar system to suit their lifestyle. Also, we help always help our clients understand the benefits of solar power and how it all works.

Why Opt For Our Solar Power Systems?

  • Decrease your carbon footprint
    Installing our solar power system will help you decrease the carbon footprint. As solar power preserves more water per year and decreases dependence on non-renewable sources of energy like carbon.
  • Low maintenance cost
    We provide efficient installation of solar systems in Melbourne, including solar panels or solar batteries which require very less maintenance. All you have to do is keep them clean regularly.
  • Generate electricity or heat
    If you are living in an area with limited water supply, then installing our solar systems will help you generate electricity or heat in the most efficient way.
  • Increases saving by reducing electricity bills
    With our solar power systems, you will not only save on energy bills but also generate more electricity. You can make the maximum use of the free energy from the sun while reducing the cost.

Control Your Energy Costs with Our Solar Systems in Melbourne

With electricity prices on a rise, it becomes essential to rely on reliable solar energy which helps to reduce operating costs while providing an economical option for green energy. We, at the Energy Saving Shop, ensure the best solar power installation service.

By investing in our solar system for your residential or commercial properties, you can expect a great return on investment. You can also bring down your energy costs. We provide you with the most suitable solar system keeping in mind your energy consumption and requirements.

Our experienced and skilled team of experts will provide you with an outstanding level of support throughout the process of installing solar power systems.

Why Are We Different From Other Solar System Providers?

  • We provide you efficient solar panel installation service
  • We are the fully-accredited solar system installers
  • We help you make an informed decision related to solar systems
  • We also offer you quality solar inverters and batteries
  • We give government rebates for eligible customers
  • We provide the best home lighting solutions in Melbourne
  • We supply low energy efficient lights to reduce electricity bills

Installing our complete solar systems in Melbourne will future-proof your residential or commercial business against rising energy bills and you can make way for long-term savings.

Looking for the Best Solar System Installation Service in Melbourne?

At Energy Saving Shop, you will get the best installation service of solar systems in Melbourne. From solar panels, solar batteries to the solar inverters we provide and install everything. Contact us at 03 9363 7578 and take control of your energy bills.